The EasySet Mole Trap is the best mole trap in the world

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When trapping a mole, you want to use something that is proven, effective and easy to use.

The EasySet Mole Trap is all of these things and more. Its rugged construction means you can use it again and again and its small size means it’s very portable. Designed in the UK and manufactured to the highest quality standards, this is the best and simplest way to trap unwanted moles in your garden.

One-click setup

When trying to catch your pest, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you can set the trap or not. With the EasySet Mole Trap’s foolproof design, you push the plunger down and that’s it; the trap is ready for use. It’s perfect for anybody who has difficulty prizing apart steel jaws or squeezing trap arms into the correct position to balance a fiddly trigger between them!

Pieges a Taupes Easyset


The EasySet Mole Trap has been designed from the ground up with the aim of making the removal of moles as easy as possible. Its patented design means you are likely to get a quick, humane kill every time. It is almost impossible, for example, for moles to tunnel around the trap without going through it – so often the problem with older-style scissor traps, and its mechanical parts are far less exposed to soil and stones, which often clog up older and less effective types of trap.

Use again and again

We don’t like disposable items that are here today, rust and are then thrown out tomorrow. If you look after your trap properly and follow the care instructions printed on the packaging, the EasySet Mole Trap should give you a lifetime’s trapping.

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