Moles dig tunnels and nesting burrows deep into the ground (these will not be seen at the surface of the ground); they also dig shallow tunnels just below the surface of the ground daily as they search for earthworms and insects; these are the tunnels that people can see and generally associate with mole activity. Even with these temporary tunnels present, moles usually continue to dig new ones each day in their search for food. Unfortunately this is the habit that causes extensive damage to your lawn. Many people are under the assumption that moles hibernate and are not active during the winter months, this however is untrue.

Their main permanent tunnels and nesting burrows are dug deep underground below the frost line allowing moles to still be active during the cold winter months. During the winter they will stop digging surface tunnels in the soil if the ground is frozen. Because people are unable to see these surface tunnels they believe that the moles are hibernating and not causing damage to their lawns. The moles however, are still digging tunnels deep below the surface of your lawn looking for food, which means that your lawn continues to be threatened.

No matter what the season, moles are actively causing widespread damage to your lawn and so if you notice mole damage occurring on your lawn, you need to act fast. Our EasySet Mole Trap will stop moles from taking over your garden and damaging your lawn.