“How many mole traps will I need?” is possibly the most commonly asked question we get… and the answer is invariably “You will need more than one!!”. Which is why we do not charge postage for orders of 2 traps or more!

How many exactly you need depends on the size of the affected area.

The important thing is that you need enough traps initially to clear an area completely of moles and it is no use thinking that you are going to clear a heavily infested garden with just one trap.

Once an area is cleared,  then you need far fewer traps to keep it clear.

Obviously it is difficult to advise on how many traps are needed without actually visiting a site, however as a rough guide we advise that a small garden will require 2 traps, a medium garden at least 4 traps and a larger site (field or pitch) 6 traps.

If you think you need more than 6 please give us a call!