How to trap a mole using the Easyset Mole Trap

Trying to get rid of unwanted moles in your garden can be a time consuming and triesome exercise. Sometimes the simplest question such as “How do we trap a mole?” can leave you scrambling around the internet reading and watching various conflicting methods and ways to catch the pest.

Here at the Easyset Mole Trap, we feel we have created the simplest and easiest way to get rid of your mole problem. Once you have purchased a trap, simply follow the three steps below and we’re confident that you will catch your first mole within 24 hours.

Locate the run

First, select two relatively fresh mole hills that are between 1m and 3m apart. Gently push a probe into the ground, prodding at 3-5cm intervals in a straight line perpendicular to the line joining the two mole hills, and 50cm from one of the mole hills. When you hit a run it will be obvious as the probe will ‘give’ suddenly.


Set the EasySet Mole Trap

Use a small spade to dig out a section of turf the same size as the trap, making sure that the hole is aligned with the run. A good idea is to place the trap on the ground where you wish to dig the hole. Then dig around the trap to ensure that you have a snug fit for the trap, with no room for it to move once it is placed into the mole run.


Clear the soil and any other debris

Use a small trowel to clear any loose earth from the run and then tamp down the base of the run with a tamper. Arm the EasySet trap by pushing the plunger down. Place the trap in the hole, carefully pressing down on the casing and plunger until the serrated wire hoops are seated firmly into the base of the tunnel. Remember, there is no need to ‘bury’ the trap. You’ll only need to seat it as far into the hole you’ve created to allow the wire hoops to sit in the earth below

Seal the gaps

Ensure that any gaps around the sides of the casing are sealed with earth since any gaps will admit light and an air flow that the mole may sense. This could cause them to abandon the mole run and use another or create a new one!

Mark the position of the trap

Before leaving the trap, make sure that it is well marked and is not a hazard to anybody else. Check the trap every 24 hours. If it has been filled with earth, clear it out and reset it. If the trap is empty, reset it. If, after 72 hours, you have not caught anything, move the trap to another location. If you have caught a mole, bury him there and fill the hole with turf. Continue to set the trap until no more mole activity is seen.

We hope you found that useful and if you haven’t already got one, then we’d highly recommend looking at our mole trap packs. They’ve been put together to give you the best chance of getting rid of your moles, based on the size of your garden.