Mole Trap Packages

Most mole problems in a garden consist of one or two moles doing a considerable amount of damage and like any garden pest, the damage will only get worse with time if you don’t do something about it.

How many traps do I need?

You need enough traps initially to completely clear the area of moles. Once an area is clear you may need fewer traps to keep an area clear. We have put together the following packs for different sized gardens and estates.

Small Garden Pack – 2 traps: £45 incl. UK mainland shipping

For an area of approximately 30′ x 15′ with a few mole hills, you are best off with at least 2 traps placed in different runs.

Medium Garden Pack – 4 Traps: £81 incl. UK mainland shipping

A medium sized garden of approximately 60′ x 60′ will benefit from 4 or more traps, as this will increase your chances of a quick trap.

Large Site Pack – 6 Traps: £106.50 incl. UK mainland shipping

For fields, pitches, golf courses and similar, you will need at least 6 traps to be effective.

Additional single traps – £24 PLUS shipping

If one of the garden packs isn’t quite enough, then you can purchase individual traps to top up your pack.

8+ Traps / Trade Enquiries

If you are looking to place a large order or interested in a trade account then please get in touch.