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The revolutionary EasySet Mole Trap takes the hassle out of catching moles. Designed exclusively in the UK, it is the best mole trap on the market today.


The EasySet Mole Trap is a simple and effective way to get rid of moles in your garden. A single ‘plunger’ action is used to arm it and with little effort the trap is in place and ready to work. We’ve had customers report catches in as little as 2 hours whilst many more claim at least or two moles caught with 24 hours.

  • Easy to set
    Simply by pressing down firmly on the plunger
  • Small size
    Only 12cm long
  • Hard-wearing
    Injection moulded from engineering plastics, with galvanised steel springs and killing loops
  • Simple design
    High power spring mechanism and bi-directional trigger
  • Highly Effective
    Crimped killing bars for increased point pressure, to ensure a quick clean kill every time
  • Easy to see when it has been triggered
    The plunger handle will revert to 'up' position
  • Less fiddly
    No need to bury the trap body with soil or turf to keep light out of mole run
  • Innovative
    The Beagle EasySet Mole Trap is patented in the UK and USA (UK Patent No. GB2509299, US Patent No. US9497957), and is patent protected throughout Europe

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25 reviews for EasySet Mole Trap

  1. R Pearson

    Caught my mole within 12 hours of setting the trap. It’s a shame to kill such a beautiful creature, but he was doing some serious damage to the lawn!
    Something oddly satisfying about probing the ground and finding the network of surface tunnels in which to set the traps. Going to leave a few set in case a passing mole thinks about moving in.

  2. Mark19520

    What a result, within 24 hours I caught my first mole having tried unsuccessfully for many months with scissor traps. Definitely worth the money.

  3. Penny F

    Even better than expected! Easy and clean to deal with. We didn’t set it properly the first time but once we got it right we had the first mole in 4 hours. Since then we have caught another 3 in the last few days. It is a shame to have to get rid of such pretty creatures but this seems like the only way to save our asparagus!

  4. Simon Parker

    Even better than expected! Easy and clean to deal with. We didn’t set it properly the first time but once we got it right we had the first mole in 4 hours. Since then we have caught another 3 in the last few days. It is a shame to have to get rid of such pretty creatures but this seems like the only way to save our asparagus!

  5. Mr M Hutton (verified owner)

    I bought your mole trap over a year ago to catch a mole on the village green.I caught it immediately.This week we had a mole at work on the edge of our bowling green in Hovingam.Much to the amazement of our members, I was again successful overnight,saving the bowling surface.A great product.

  6. Brigid Fairman (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for producing a mole trap for the 21 st century that is user friendly for small female hands. I saw it advertised in “Private Eye” and sceptically thought I would give it a try even though it would probably be a waste of money. To my delight I have caught my first ever mole, not as quickly as promised but that’s ok. In despair over my mole problem I took a course to enable me to gas them but this is an ineffective and very expensive method which I will ditch now I finally have a trap that I can use without fearing for my fingers.
    I hope you do terribly well with your excellent product. I will be singing it’s praises to any one with a mole problem.

  7. Mr G Ireland (verified owner)

    What a brilliant device. Caught the ‘little devil’, that had been ruining my lawn for ages, at only the second attempt. An excellent product. Well worth the small investment.

    Thank you so much.

    Mr G Ireland
    (Alderney, Channel Islands – where we are plagued by moles!)

  8. C Bergmann

    Having tried absolutely everything available on the Czech market without success, l bought 2 mole traps from you on-line. After just 3 days, I got him! Have reset the traps in case there are others.
    Great product! Many thanks
    Okres Beroun, Czech republic

  9. Jackie Vernon

    I bought this trap last week, after finding a mound of earth in my lawn. Set it yesterday, and it caught the mole this morning. Absolutely brilliant. I really didn’t expect it to work, but certainly not with the first try. I have used several methods at my old house but nothing as efficient as this little machine. Thank you so much.

  10. P Worrall, West Sussex

    Absolutely brilliant! Having been plagued by moles for many years I bought two of your traps a few months ago and have since caught seven moles, almost all within 24 hours of setting the trap. My garden is currently mole free! I am very much hoping that you are now going to invent something to stop them coming into the garden in the first place!

  11. mr Hodge

    Amazing – caught mole first time i used this

  12. Matty Taylor

    I love this Mole catching device

  13. Mr G Williams

    Good mole trap. Easy to put in ground. Caught one in no time. Buying 2 more

  14. Mr A Haswell

    This certainly works. Got the little blighter second night. Really pleased!

  15. mrs Kent

    Successfully killed 2 moles in 1 day! hopefully thats my mole problem solved!

  16. Mr Silver

    Either I was very lucky or your trap is miraculous! I have about an acre of garden and bought 2 traps. There were 2 separate areas with most mole hills. I chose one of these areas and put 2 traps down. Got a very large mole in one of the traps next morning. Had a mole catcher in a few years ago and this DIY option was so much more convenient and cheaper. Thank you.

  17. Brian E

    Utilizing your excellent Beagle Mole Trap purchased last year I have successfully trapped 7 moles. Whilst they are dear little animals they sadly make such a mess. Rather than find the run I simply remove the soil from the mole hill to reveal the run underneath. After placing the set Beagle Mole trap next to the mole run I cover the trap. The Beagle product is so easy to use with the advantage of a wider entry into the trap before the mole hits the release mechanism. Fingers crossed I hope in time to have a garden free of underground interference. No doubt I shall be back to buy a 2nd trap.

  18. Mrs J Merry

    This was just the thing we needed,had mole for few yrs and put this in and inside of 2days we had caught it.

  19. Mr S Murray

    Have just received my new trap now with a red plunger. Like it a lot – suprising how much easier it is to see the trap in my lawn. great improvement.well done!

  20. A Haden-Taylor, St Brelade, Jersey

    Thank you! Your traps do exactly what they say they do! Read the instructions, that are very clear, and set the traps and your problems and anxieties are soon behind you. Delighted it does what it says it will do on the label and more so that it is a brilliant British product. Feel free to use this letter as an unsolicited big thank you

  21. Nathan

    I bought this mole trap from you a few weeks ago and thought I would contact you to let you know I have had a lot of success with it. Moles have been driving me mad by digging up the lawn. I have always used scissor traps before, but was finding the moles were filling them with soil or digging around them. Since using this trap I have caught several. Thank you very much for helping me get the boss of the moles

  22. R Worcester

    Want to get rid of moles? get one. first class. used twice, two dead moles.

  23. Jamie Foxton

    Dear Beagle, I have to say I wasnt sure about the new red plunger initially but actually now that I have used them a couple of times I can totally see the sense in it. I think it looks great and much easier to see when the trap has been triggered. The traps as always are well built, very easy to use – what a brilliant design. wouldnt use any other type of trap now!

  24. Mr B leilo

    I had 2 traps delivered Thursday , I went and laId them 2 and half hours later I had caught 2 moles, The traps are magic I have used scissor traps and tunnel traps but these Beagle traps are so easy to lay, AND the moles cant fill them in, Would recommend them

  25. John Hyndman, Austria

    We bought 2 of the Easyset Mole Traps last year as we were plagued with moles – we had tried several methods before without much success – until we tried yours! They have worked a treat and we have been successful every time we’ve used them. We even lent them to a neighbour and he was also successful, so much so that this current order for 4 is in fact for him!

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