EasySet Mole Trap

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The revolutionary EasySet Mole Trap takes the hassle out of catching moles. Designed exclusively in the UK, it is the best mole trap on the market today.

The EasySet Mole Trap provides a simple and effective way to get rid of moles in your garden. A single ‘plunger’ action is used to arm it and with little effort the trap is in place and ready to work. We’ve had customers report catches in as little as 2 hours whilst many more claim at least one or two moles caught with 24 hours.

  • Easy to set
    Simply by pressing down firmly on the plunger
  • Small size
    Only 12cm long
  • Hard-wearing
    Injection moulded from engineering plastics, with galvanised steel springs and killing loops
  • Simple design
    High power spring mechanism and bi-directional trigger
  • Easy to see when it has been triggered
    The plunger handle will revert to 'up' position
  • Highly Effective
    Crimped killing bars for increased point pressure, to ensure a quick clean kill every time
  • Less fiddly
    Far easier to set than traditional steel 'claw' style traps. Simply push the plunger down to set, place in the exposed run and use soil or turf around the trap body to prevent light from entering the mole run
  • Innovative
    The Beagle EasySet Mole Trap is patented in the UK and USA (UK Patent No. GB2509299, US Patent No. US9497957), and is patent protected throughout Europe

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